Scotchmer One-Name Study


Why Scotchmer & why a one-name study? The answers to those two questions are related so to speak. My partner & the father of my children was fostered from the age of four and had never had any contact with his natural mother. Many years ago he challenged me to find his mother and, after several years of searching I actually found her. As part of the research in order to find her I made a note of every person named Scotchmer and variations which was the beginnings of the one-name study. Over many years I have accumulated many documents and have put a lot of the information into tree format which is the main part of this website. Over the last 25 years I have had contact by letter (and more recently by email) with many Scotchmer etc descendants around the world. There were two different families in Canada-one had ancestors in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk and the other had ancestors in Framlingham Suffolk. I have yet to find a connection between the two. If you have Scotchmer within your family please feel free to contact me. All contributions/additions/corrections to this website are gratefully received.

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